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In May of 2013, Rob Paylor and Patrick Durney purchased Mill 109 Restaurant & Pub in South Pacific Beach, WA. Soon after, discussions about "what's next" began. A brewery was a natural fit; highlighting local craft beer in a beachtown just made sense. Over the next few years the hunt for a building (and many brewery trips) took place. They found an equipment manufacturer in Portland that instantly made them feel like this could be a THING. Portland Kettleworks makes some pretty fly equipment. So, they had the shiny new stainless all tee'd up, just needed a place to put it! Finally, an opportunity in Hoquiam popped up. A 1929 building with great bones was up for grabs. Concrete walls and HUGE wood timbers supporting the roof were enough to bring a tear to the eye.


They began the remodel by tearing out everything that was new-ish and exposing the concrete and wooden beams and supports. Twin Harbor Media Blasting came in following a roof replacement and blasted 87 years of what we called "goo", which brought the ceiling back to its original glory. Jones Electric and Kilwien Construction provided much of the electrical, plumbing, steam work, and moral support they needed to finish the project. 


So, after an extensive remodel, Hoquiam Brewing Co. poured it's first pints in September of 2017. The first 3 beers, Hoquiam IPA, Boots & Shorts Blonde and Captain 12 Milk Stout have become flagships.  


One year later, the kitchen began cranking out delicious pizzas and sandwiches. be continued

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